We Support New Artists

Want to appear on our site?

Mic Righteous actively encourage artists to be creative, unique & push boundaries when expressing themselves. In order to show his support we have an exciting project you may want to get involved in…

  1. Upload Your Freestyle video to Mic Righteous. You can follow the instructions to having you’re very own track heard by Rocky himself.

  2. If you deliver a solid performance this will be appreciated and you will land yourself a place on Mic Righteous TV for others to view your material.

  3. Only the best will be in the Hall of Fame. There’s only three ways that’s happening:
              a) Mic could handpick your track.
              b) You could win a Vote in the Forum.
              c) You could win a competition for a place

Get yourself involved for a chance to be in with a Mic Righteous stamp of approval, or simply sit back and enjoy the quality music.

Mic Righteous Performing