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Freestyles in the booth

  1. Words of a Broken Man
  2. Greatest Brit
  3. 64 F’s
  4. Somebody to Love
  5. The Warm Up
  6. 420
  7. Kim K’s Butt
  8. The Flip Side
  9. Iron Fire
  10. Killing With A Verse
  11. No Wasteman



A Favourite Freestyle

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Fans interview mic...

Do you prefer arse or tits?

I’m a rasclart kinda guy!

Favourite Netflix programme?

Rick & Morty!

What's your biggest regret?

I’m a big believer that you should have no regrets.  That sounds like a cliche but everything in life is an experience that you learn from. I’d love to say I wish I could change this or change that, but actually, I don’t have any regrets as my actions have shaped me into who I am today.

Who's your favourite Grime artist?

Me. I’m the fucking realist artist the world has every seen.

When was your first fight?

My mother immigrated from Iran to the England when I was very young. There was me, my older brother & older sister in a Women’s Refuge & there we’re lots of other families there. I was about 4 at the time. I can’t remember the reason but I remember my brother and sister getting into an altercation with a large group of other families & she literally picked me up by my feet & used me as a human nunchuck to swing at these kids. So I guess I was four & I won. 

What artists got you into rapping?

I studied all of the greats from a young age. Eminem & 2Pac mostly – I listened to a lot of American rap then stumbled across the UK version Grime. The rest is history.